What is Uneven Skin Tone and How Can I fix It?

Uneven skin tone can occur on many people’s skin, whether due to age, sun exposure, dry skin or hormones. Short term cover-ups usually consist of makeup application to hide the uneven skin colour, however, there are a fantastic array of treatments, both at home remedies and medical treatments which can be used to significantly improve your skin condition over time. For incredible long-lasting results, check out a selection of face masks which can be created using many different items from your kitchen or book an appointment in a professional clinic nearby for stand out treatments to enhance your natural skin.

There are also many skincare products which are tailored specifically to clients who suffer from uneven skin tone, also known as hyperpigmentation, which effectively moisturises and nourish your skin for beautiful, refreshed and healthier results. These skin products are also tailored to different skin conditions, so whether you have dry skin, oily skin or well-balanced skin it is essential that you pick the right product that is most suitable for you for the best possible results.

What is Uneven Skin Tone and How Can I fix It

What can I do to reduce my uneven skin tone?

Regular facials:

Keeping the skin moisturised and nourished is essential especially over the colder months when dry skin is common and so a regular facial is a perfect solution to maintain and improve your skin. The most popular facials for tackling uneven skin tones are microdermabrasion and chemical peels which are more intense than a regular facial but provide exceptional improvements. They both effectively remove the top layer of skin which is mostly made up of dead skin cells and built-up dirt to reveal the flawless even skin tone below. You can also make your own at home facials using regular food items in your cupboard for cost-effective results. Lemon juice, aloe vera and sugar for its abrasiveness are the most popular ingredients in home facials as they all offer to heal properties to revitalise and transform your skin!

Exfoliation and moisturising daily are essential!

Exfoliation of the skin is important to remove all the dead skin cells and other toxins which have caused discolouration and even hyperpigmentation of the skin. There are many exfoliating products available that cater to different skin types so make sure you buy the one that is most suitable for your skin, whether it is for oily, dry, combination or normal skin.

Moisturising is also necessary to ensure your skin receives all the essential nutrients and moisture needed to improve the skin condition and enhance your appearance. Moisturising daily also increases collagen production, encourages new skin cell generation and gradually lightens the skin for outstanding results. Your skin will feel revitalised and the uneven skin tones will gradually reduce and sometimes even disappear completely!

Change some lifestyle choices:

Not only does daily moisturising and facials help the skin with physical action, changing some lifestyle habits can also improve the condition of your skin from within. A healthier diet is known to make you feel better, more energised and lower blood sugar levels as well as improve the condition of your skin. Avoiding preservatives and reducing the number of sugary foods we eat reduces the reaction our skin has to these foods and therefore improves the appearance with fewer spots, less oily skin and the skin tone is gradually evened out!

So, if you are struggling with uneven skin tones and have no idea how to transform your look, give these ideas a go and in no time at all your skin is sure to be glowing, feeling much more refreshed and looking gorgeous!

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