The Many Benefits Of a Regular Deep Tissue Massage!

If you are an active person, whether from partaking in a sport, regular exercise or walking, it is essential that you keep the muscles strengthened and pain-free with an incredible deep tissue massage therapy. A regular deep tissue massage every fortnight is ideal to maintain your muscles and also reduce the risk of injuries. It is also a necessary treatment to receive if you are suffering from an injury as the increased circulation encourages faster repair and improves your overall sporting performance!

A deep tissue massage is an hour to a two-hour session and the expert therapist tailors the service to you to ensure your problem areas are targeted for effective pain relief and to relax the muscles after a strenuous workout. The therapist uses long, deep strokes to attack the soft tissue and release the trapped tension for instant pain and stress relief that has been building up with every sports session you have had in between massages. Varying amounts of pressure are also applied to reach the inner layers of muscles helping to reduce the scar tissue from a previous injury.

Deep Tissue Massage

What are the benefits?

Instant pain relief:

The deep tissue massage effectively targets the knots in the muscles which are worked out to release stress and pain. It is also suitable for helping to reduce chronic pain in the joints and muscles and a regular treatment increases circulation which reduces inflammation and promotes the faster repair of any injuries.

Improved sporting performance and exercise:

The therapist aims to relax and loosen the muscles after a training session so you can unwind and calm down by reducing any pain felt. A regular massage will also improve your mobility and flexibility which over time will greatly improve your sporting performance as you body will be able to work harder and faster. It helps your body to build muscles and burn fat for exceptional results.

Deep Tissue Massage

Improved wellbeing and health:

The increased circulation from the treatment is also known to improve your health and wellbeing as it enhances relaxation and promotes cell and muscle repair. The massage targets specific areas tailored to you to help achieve a boost to your energy and lowering blood pressure to transform your body.

Improved sleep patterns:

The deep tissue massage provides an intense service that focuses on relaxing and loosening the muscles and this also helps you to sleep better with fewer disturbances through the night. The massage also releases various hormones such as serotonin and endorphins which help you feel more relaxed and calmer for longer periods after a session.

Enhances relaxation:

Similar to improved sleep, the deep tissue massage increases the relaxation within by releasing hormones to soothe the body. It reduces stress and pain in the body which helps to relax the muscles and improve your state of mind.

Deep Tissue Massage

There are many benefits that come with a regular massage of this type and it is essential that you find the best deep tissue massage near you to ensure you receive a professional service that leaves you feeling refreshed, pain-free and deeply relaxed! Both the deep tissue and sports massage are ideal options for targeting aching muscles caused by any type of activity and you are guaranteed a fantastic service which will make sure you keep coming back for more.

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