Blonde Balayage Dreams

Balayage is one of those terms that is thrown around social media and the beauty crowd, but what does it actually mean? Often conjuring up images of long, blonde, beach-waves, natural-looking but perfectly styled, balayage is actually a colouring technique used by hairdressers to conjure up that mental image. While the technique can be used to create gorgeous shades on all hair colours, blonde tends to be the classic balayage cover girl shade.

balayage hair style

How it’s done

Taken from the French word meaning “sweeping”, balayage requires the hairdresser to paint on highlights through the hair, taking small sections and applying the colour in a sweeping stroke to create a gradient of lightness towards the end of the hair. The highlighting technique is a favourite among women for its low-maintenance, high-reward style that avoids the dreaded root regrowth. By using a range of shades and taking the highlights higher up the head that would be seen in other styles, like an ombre, the stylist builds the colour for that natural, sun-kissed feel which makes the technique so well suited to blondes.

So easy to maintain!

The natural finish of this style makes it great for those who don’t have lots of time to spend at the salon, with stylists recommending a top-up every four months. However, depending on your hair length the actual process of balayage can take up to four hours, so be prepared to spend most of the day in the chair. Many salons on PamperTree offer other treatments, such as gel nails while you wait so you can make the most of your day with a balayage near you.

Depending on your hair goals, some stylists may recommend multiple sessions to get to the lightness you want. This can be important in making sure the overall look achieves the signature laid-back balayage style.

Visual “sculpting” for the face

One of the best things about choosing to go for a balayage over other types of highlights is that the stylist is able to tailor the placement of highlights to both your hairstyle and face shape. Many hairdressers use balayage as a way to frame the face with highlights which brings out the facial features and makes the eyes pop. This is one of the ways celebrity stylists make their clients’ red carpet ready, using balayage to focus attention away, or towards, certain facial features.

balayage near you

Balayage can be for everyone

Although the classic balayage is created on long, often straight hair, this technique can be applied to any style and hair type. Depending on your hair type you may want to find a hair salon near you that offers balayage as well as specialising in certain hair types, for example, afro hair.

Searching for balayage near you on PamperTree is a great way to ensure you will leave your appointment with the balayage of your dreams, no matter what your hair type. If you have shorter hair but are keen to give a longer look a try, the balayage style can be created using hair extensions that last up to eight weeks and blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Great for those who like to change up their hair regularly!

Good product to love your balayage

To make sure your balayage stays looking its best between appointments, stylists recommend investing in high-quality hair products to keep the hair strong and looking healthy. For the colour, it could be beneficial to try toners or purple shampoo to keep the blonde looking fresh. You could even go back to the salon between balayage appointments for a toner or gloss refresh to help prevent any brassy tones sneaking through gorgeous blonde ends. Keeping on top of trims will also help your hair and balayage look like you just stepped out of the salon.

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